About us


> • Founded in 1967. 300 Employees, 12 acres campus

• 2020 Annual Sales: US$86.9 Millions

• Privately owned by publicly listed Bejing SOJO Electric since 2016

• 100 units 69kV-230KV annual capacity with hundreds installed worldwide with typical lead time 2 months.

• 18,000 unit distribution oil type transformer annual capacity

• Max ratings: 230KV 100MVA oil transformer & 35kV 20MVA dry type transformer

WXT campus is about 12 acres ( 210x200 yards) with 4.1 acres office/shop space. Here is the detailed campus layout drawing. Wuxi city has about 6.5m population and less than one hundred mile from Shanghai. And WXT really benifits from local transformer manufacturing envioronment, there are more than a dozen of bigger power transformer manufactueres in 100 miles perimeter around WXT.

WX Transformer Compus - 12 acres
WXT Office Building - 4.1 acres
office /shop space
WXT Assembly Shop
WXT Assembly Hall
WXT Shop
WXT Shop
WXT Engineering
WXT Assembly

By end of 2020, WXT has hundreds of 69kV-138kV transformers and a hundred thouand of distribution transformers in operations world wide.

Download WXT /BOJO Brochure here PDF